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American Sombo Academy Pics
Milton, Pennsylvania

To get a brief, and informal look at American Sombo Academy pictures, click on the following thumbnails for a larger image.  These are but a few techniques one can learn studying Sombo, most shown are from Sport Sombo.  Albeit, there are many other aspects of American Sombo, such as Combat and Self Defense.  I have to get some more pictures done up of these other variations within Sombo. Please be patient as this is my website, and not an official ASA page, however I am a student at the Milton, PA. ASA for the past few years. Thank you.

Behind Choke Palm Fist
Leg Choke (I forget the name!) Axe Kick (for finishing off a downed man)
Keylock Hammerfist 
Another Leg Choke The Adult Class

Please Email me with your questions about American Sombo Academy, Milton PA. Thank you.

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