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    Welcome to my homepage. For those of you who don't know me yet,  I am the new Wine Aficionados' Pod Poderator, aka bigwinoman. Feel free to contact me at anytime with your ideas, suggestions, submissions to the Wine Aficionados' Pod.

    Below you will find some links that I personally like, some are for winemaking how to, supplies, and others are for glossary, information type stuff. Also coming are some picturesof me making wine and drinking it too!

I apologize for my lack of updating this page i will do so once this semester of college ends.. i hope to have some new pictures also, as my last roll of film has mysteriosly disapeared!!!

    Finally, please drop by the Wine Aficionados Pod and see what is going on.  There are message boards and chat rooms that are regularly updated by yours truly.



Wine Aficionados' Pod Kamil Juices- 100% Fresh Juices- Excellent Products from Canada. I have tried them.
Grape and Granary- Winemaking Supplies UC Davis Wine and Enology- "How to"
My Mp3 and Music Web Page My American Sombo Academy Page (Martial Arts)

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     These links are just a few, to get some more check out the Wine Aficionados Pod Web Resources.


Finally, feel free to contact me via Email or ICQ. My ICQ # is27066754.

---Coming Soon----