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About me:

    My name is George, I am 22 years old, and live in Northumberland PA.  I will soon be moving to State College, PA and will be changing majors from Nursing, to Speech Language Pathology. I will continue to train in Milton, even though it is an hour away.I also will be getting married on May 20th,2000!!!I will be graduating in 2 years, and will go on to graduate school for my Masters. I have been studying American Sombo in Milton, PA for the past few years and have grown to love it. I do not think one will find a more comprehensive style of martial arts that covers self defense, combat, and sport techniques.  Sombo is a relatively new martial art that is catching on across the world. Please drop me an email with your thoughts, ideas, needs etc. Currently I hold the rank of Purple Belt, and hope to test for 1st Degree Black in the near future. I also hold a Senior Red Instructor belt, which lets me instruct other students,hopefully before May, I will get around to testing for my Black Belt.  Thanks for your time, please stop back soon.
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